Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Abstract Love Story: Understanding Jasmine's Affection Towards MUJI.

If you don't already know, I am going to work at MUJI during the holidays! c:

Frankly speaking, for a holiday job, MUJI was the last place that I wanted to go. I love their products, concepts, videos, phone applications, workshops, music, paper bags (hahaha I actually have a collection) to the extent that I never want to see myself hating MUJI. But holiday job = pain-in-the-ass-but-I-have-to-earn-some-quick-cash-and-I-am-bored, so I don't want MUJI to end up in that equation. My first choice was Kinokuniya, then whatever I can find on the Internet, and lastly MUJI.

I went for Kinokuniya's interview, all dressed up in formal attire but still wearing my ear cuff to feel a little more comfortable, but I ended up looking like a fool because the other people beside me had so many colours in their hair/wore mini shorts/wore flip flops. I don't think that anything was wrong with my decision though, more like I felt that they didn't really respect the job or the managers there. But still I looked stupid. Kinokuniya took a long time to give me a call asking me to go down for an interview. The pay was $6/h. Cashiering duties plus packing and stocking. During the interview they tested me some mental sums and for the division questions I totally looked at them and smiled while whimpering 'I think I will have to use a calculator..'.

While waiting for their call, I was so grumpy I randomly decided to google MUJI jobs. Nothing popped up. They were not hiring. Then I was bored so I randomly called MUJI's HR department. With that one call they asked me to go down the next day, if I could make it. At first I hesitated because they were not looking for anyone, I was afraid that they were just trying to shake me off. 'Come, just come, we will not hire you anyway. Come to make yourself feel better.' I was still thinking that way when I was filling up my particulars at the HR office. But I was also thinking, 'Damn, I stepped into their cool Japanese-styled office and am sitting alone in a MUJI furnished room filling up a MUJI form with a MUJI pen. Even if they don't want me, it's still cool.' Yeah I am crazy but that's not the point. I sat there waiting after someone collected my form. Then suddenly the manager walked into the room. I was pretty stunned because I wasn't expecting anything more than the form. She said they observed how much I adore MUJI. My pouch, my pencil case, my stationery.. Lol she was joking about it but after making the joke she said 'But I am glad I don't have to explain what is MUJI to you. You know us pretty well as I can see. We have 5000 products and you make me feel like you know at least half of them.' At that moment, I knew I love MUJI in EVERY SINGLE way. She rocks. Then she went to ask the Events Manager if they should start recruiting temp staff for the new store in JEM (YES, MUJI in Jurong East OMG), and the EM said sure and tadaa I was signing a Letter of Appointment. $7/h but she apologized that I will be booked for the weekends. 5 day work week. MUJI at JEM. I will be stocking up an empty MUJI store. HELLO I DON'T EVEN CARE IF I AM DOING HARD LABOUR I WILL LOVE IT AS LONG AS I DON'T BREAK THEIR OVER $100 PORCELAIN POTS. I'm in!

We shook hands, I was giggling (I am crazy. Remember?) and now I have typed an extremely detailed interview process at the MUJI office. And to help you understand why I love MUJI so much, I have kindly attached three videos in this post.

/p.s. : About the results of the Kinokuniya interview, I actually kindly called them immediately after the MUJI interview to tell them that I am already hired so bye bye. And she went 'Oh do you want to reconsider? We accepted you!' Hello, even if it's not MUJI that I'm working for, my mental calculation has informed me that $1/h difference makes a huge difference.

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