Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Fabulous Baker Boy.

The Beechees (best clique name ever, I know) went down to Viridian Art House today for some cakes! We have a vegetarian among us and we could only meet up late at 2pm, so cakes would be the good choice. Actually I think it was a great choice.

The cakes were really pretty. We got chocolate cake, red velvet, strawberry yogurt cake, green tea cake and a carrot cake for the six of us. I got a cup of flat white to go along with the cakes. If you don't really like sweet stuff (like me), I think this cafe is a to-go. I won't say they tasted superb but it was still wonderful. Not too sweet and cloying. I liked the red velvet cake and the carrot cake with coconut shavings.

Delightful day with perfect company. <3

Café | The Fabulous Baker Boy
The Foothills, 70 River Valley Road #01-15, Singapore 179037
Closed on Mondays
Closed from 4.30pm to 6.00pm on weekdays


  1. These cakes look beyond delicious and I'm drooling. Beautiful photos too!