Sunday, October 13, 2013

Strangers' Reunion.

Visited the cafe back in August with Shuwen and Tuanhe. It was my second visit and the cafe interior was refurbished when I was back. The menu had changed too and I actually preferred their old menu. 

We tried their legendary Waffles with Greek Yogurt, Truffle Fries and Roast Pork Buns. The waffle was really really good in my opinion, crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. The yogurt did not change the waffle's texture too, it was still crispy when I sent it into my mouth after taking these pictures haha. The others ordered hot chocolate and I got a cup of latte, if I remember correctly. Again, I am no professional but the coffee was good. I've been to a few cafes and ordered coffee most of the time, and I don't really think I've hated any. I think I need coffee-appreciation classes haha. Truffle fries was so-so and we didn't really enjoy the buns. I had ordered them because I loved the roast pork sandwich they had on their old menu. I thought the new one on the menu would impress even more. However, the proportion between bun and pork wasn't really good, I think all we could taste was the plain bun, with the meat falling everywhere and then suddenly tasting the pickles. They don't really go that well together. 

I still love the place though - I love the new and more comfortable tables and chairs, the bigger space, the vases with beautiful tulips. For the next visit, the order will be more waffles and great coffee. 

Café | Strangers' Reunion
33/35/37 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169355

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