Sunday, March 30, 2014

MUJI Life.

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When you purchase things you really like, you tend to take very good care of them. Recently, I bought a bottle of MUJI's Light Toning Water. It's basically just water in a transparent bottle, with a silver cap. But I love how minimal the packaging is and now I make sure that the pretty bottle is always placed at a dry spot, never mouldy, never misty. My love for this bottle also made me look forward to use it daily. I've been lazy when it comes to skincare and sometimes I just stop after using the cleanser. Now I use the toner every day. It's a miracle. Haha, I hope you get that I'm trying to be humorous over here just in case MUJI is not your kind of thing. 

Now just imagine a whole house of these wonderful things. I swear I will wipe the tables everyday, hand wash my pyjamas, hang my clothes prettily, arrange the cotton buds everyday... Haha. Seriously. I will.

I visited MUJI at JEM a few days ago, and coincidentally it was an ex-colleague's last day at work. She is returning to China soon. I think we hugged at least 3 times when I was saying my goodbyes. I told her we can still keep in contact through Facebook, but she gave me a comical glare and after a while I recalled that there's no Facebook in China. After that, we hugged again haha. Following this was a piece of good news, another ex-colleague at MUJI recently shared the happy news that she's pregnant. She has always been posting pictures of her chubby niece on Instagram and I know that she has been waiting for a child. Such great piece of news, I am so happy for her! And a final piece of good news, I am awaiting Thursday because I've came up with a MUJI shopping list haha. Shopping at MUJI on Thursday! Yay!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Majestic Casual.

Flume | Sleepless (Cosmo's Midnight Remix)

I'm really into Majestic Casual's tracks at the moment. The channel also supports up-and-coming indie musicians and bands and now it's my favourite way to find something to listen to while doing work.

And I have a piece of good news.. My internship is confirmed today! I will be working with a studio that does kind of like everything - Web Development, Design/UI,UX Design/Mobile App Development, Design/Branding. I got a position as Project Management Intern and I guess I'll be learning UX from the kind folks there, and perhaps also enrol in online classes at Treehouse. Guess I will have a busy but fulfilling 3 months of school break! Also looking forward to the Bangkok trip, fingers crossed.

Monday, March 17, 2014


Old posts are reverted back to draft till I change the images to 800px in length. My OCD is triggered again haha. I'm going to try create my own theme once I have free time!