Sunday, August 24, 2014

Humble Origins.

I am so grateful for this humble café in school. Sometimes the traditional coffee with condensed milk just won't do. I really like to treat myself with a flat white when I'm feeling tired and grumpy, haha. I can't guarantee that the coffee at Humble Origins is always good - the coffee is often prepared by students from NUS that are part-timing there, some of them are still beginners at what they do. The last cup of flat white I had over at the café was so bad that I couldn't finish it. But I don't blame them, the barista's hands were trembling in fear when he was pouring and he passed me the coffee with an apologetic look. He's learning and I really don't have the heart to blame someone who is juggling both work and school.

The food however, has always been great. The tarts are prepared by the owner himself and they are really legit. I would say it's on par with the ones at Carpenter and Cook! I think they have a schedule or something as different tarts are sold on different days. I can't seem to find the Lemon Curd Tart anymore but it's my favourite. The second would go to the Banoffee Tart, which has a centre made from a combination of banana and toffee. It's sweet, gooey and so sinful. The croissant and pancakes are standard, but still good if you want a treat.

The café is my secret hideout. Haha. Whenever I've really long breaks or have to have lunch alone, I would run to Humble Origins. It's really sad to be sitting at a table alone in the school canteen, so I felt more comfortable visiting the café. The food never disappoints anyway, so it's just the best place to go while I'm still stuck in school. The prices are also more friendly to the pocket compared to other cafés out there.

Café | Humble Origins
NUS Kent Ridge Drive Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Beside Lecture Theatre 12
Opens from 8.30am to 6.00pm

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