Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Instagram | @sundaysuppers

Sunday Suppers got me buying kitchen towels, preparing open face sandwiches and paying more attention to breakfast than I normally would. Eventually, I also got their beautiful cookbook and was pleasantly surprised to find a taqueriá menu inside. Yes, you could compare Sunday Suppers to Kinfolk, both share similar aesthetics. But I especially love Sunday Supper's casual food styling and simpler recipes.

Suddenly, it's the last day of 2014 and I thought I should update this space with a final post for the year. 2014 is the year when I started cooking so very often and fell in love with grocery shopping. Turned 21 this year but I really feel more like an auntie already, haha. Also received more courage as the phrase 'you only live once' kept appearing in my head, and hence I visited Hong Kong with a best friend, bought pricier clothes, splurged on magazines, interned at a design studio and made friends on Instagram. 

Instagram is really the biggest highlight of the year. Blessed with opportunities to cook more, eat more, and even received my first bouquet of flowers all thanks to Instagram. Made friends with the ever so lovely Pimpiga (@prigpimpiga) and even met up with Rachel (@rachmloh) who possesses this enviable energy to pursue her dreams with her brand Still. Products.

I've been a very careful person, making sure that with each step that I take, another one awaits. Perhaps this also means that I'm a really timid person. I didn't have a 'let's just do this and see what happens' kind of mentality. But I think circumstances have forced me to just loosen up and heck lah haha. Took up assignments without thinking so much, proceeded with projects when I didn't have confidence to start with. 2014 wasn't easy, but the outcomes were so pleasant and fulfilling.

3 more hours to 2015, Happy New Year everyone!