Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sleep Sound.

Jamie xx | Sleep Sound

With the help of Manchester Deaf Centre, directors Sofia Mattioli and Cherise Payne capture a group of hearing-impaired people both young and old in this gorgeous examination of what it means to experience music using little more than your imagination. - Eric Torres


I'm someone who loves strong beats when I listen to music, and unknowingly I would find my fingers, my feet and my head moving along with the beat. That is how I enjoy music, I love finding the beat and following it. This music video here is really intriguing, because how can experience music without the sense of hearing?

I've been a fan of Jamie xx since The xx first came about, and especially so when he actually remixed Radiohead's Bloom. I've come to admire Jamie xx for the way he offers a different perspective through his works. He brings up a different dimension when he does remixes. They don't even sound anything close to the original and people were arguing on how it is a remix. But the emotions when you listen to the original and the remix - it is the same, it is valid. It feels like an extension of the original.

With this thought and impression I have of Jamie xx, I encountered this music video and was just blown away. Music is not just for the ears. You can feel it and you should. Then I realised that with all the 100+ tracks I've in my iTunes and Spotify, I've been going for how I've been feeling when I listen to the music, and not for the way each song actually sounds. Not sure if this is Jamie xx's goal, but his music really makes people feel 'surreal', 'high', 'baked'. And for the rest of the songs that I kept in my iTunes, they just make me feel something so strong that I can't ever bring myself to delete them from my collection. Every time when I play them, I get the shivers. (Radiohead's The Tourist, A Wolf at the Door, Weird Fishes Arpeggi, Jigsaw Falling into Place / Kings of Convenience's Parallel Lines, Cayman Islands / Damien Rice's The Blower's Daughter / Ryuichi Sakamoto's Bibo no Aozora etc.)

Of course I guess this video here is trying to show that the body and mind can actually stir one to 'hear' something, even if it is just silence. But for me the larger statement is that we don't listen to music, we feel it. Perhaps that is why I don't get most of the music out there. I either feel nothing or I cringe or I just don't know how to feel. And I guess I love music that makes me feel a little out of place, unreal and also those that makes my heart feels a little displaced. Haha I have no idea how to describe that, go listen.

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