Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lepak by Kueh Kakis.

It had been ages since I visited a flea market! Chanced upon some details on Lepak by Kueh Kakis flea market and we decided to head down to National Museum for some good food and shopping on the 31st of January. The flea only started at 6pm, to our advantage since we were visiting other nearby art museums in the day for a school project. Truthfully, we were already pretty worn out by 6pm but I loved the location that the flea organisers picked out and I just couldn't miss it at the thought of the food waiting for me there..

I didn't take any pictures of the scene there but we loved the atmosphere. The event planners were so quirky and fun! They laid out picnic mats, placed plastic stools on empty spaces and provided those traditional woven fans for the visitors' use. Also, there were baskets of our favourite childhood snacks like Haw Flakes and those colourful Smarties that pop out like pills when we press against them.

Vendors wise, it was a small group but there was so much to see. There were booths selling art and crafts, food, accessories and tableware. If you know me well, you will know that I go crazy when I see affordable vintage tableware. And indeed, I went crazy that night haha! Got to know about The Vintage Parlour at the flea market as they had set up a booth there. They don't have much on their website, but the collection that they brought to the flea was so beautiful. I only managed to get one vintage plate (at only $18) because they didn't have the space to lay out everything. But that's ok, I'm really glad to learn about them and will hopefully be able attend the next flea market that they will be at.

On to the food! The three of us had something to eat before visiting the flea, so we didn't order much. We shared the Chapalang Nachos by Pig Out, Thai Tea Slushie with Milk by Bird Bird (under Artichoke Cafe and Bar) and the Fried Chicken Sandwich by Park Bench Deli. The sandwich left such an impression that I went home and tried to recreate it. Will be sharing the recipe that I have in this post as well!

I think Pig Out is a new establishment, I can't find much information on them. The nachos were served with Asian-style pulled pork, onions, pickled green chilli, cucumbers and a scoop of Kaffir lime leaf yogurt. I loved putting a little bit of everything on one nacho and then take a huge bite. The pulled pork tasted a lot like Chinese lor bak, which was interesting. And I loved it with those chilli and yogurt.

Park Bench Deli's sandwich was legit. The chicken was a huge juicy piece, and the skin was nicely crisped. The bun, corn and cabbage slaw were also really good. You just take a huge bite and the world instantly felt like a better place to live in, haha! I enjoy watching Nat Geo TV programmes on street food and food trucks, so when I saw Park Bench Deli's truck I was already imagining food served piping hot with a superb sauce or generous toppings, and Park Bench Deli really lived up to that expectation! Take a look at their Facebook page for all sorts of signature sandwiches that will make your mouths salivate.

Bird Bird's Thai Tea Slushie was a little too sweet but still refreshing and it complemented the food well. Didn't get to try the other Thai dishes on Bird Bird's menu. They look really good but we were already too full. We also missed out on Shinkansen's Wafusushi, a fusion food where the waffle is made of sushi rice, and topped with salmon aburi and rich yuzu mayo sauce. God, describing it made my stomach growl.

Pop-Up | Park Bench Deli
Serves crazy good sandwiches

Pop-Up | Bird Bird
Thai off-shoot of Artichoke Cafe and Bar

Salad Bar, Sushi Restaurant | Shinkansen
Ocean Financial Centre #B1-08
United Square #B1-60A
100am @ Tanjong Pagar #03-22

Now for my attempt at Park Bench Deli's Fried Chicken Sandwich! I suck at knowing what is the best bread out there, so I opted to use burrito wraps instead. Of course this didn't taste the same as the awesome sandwich, but it is easy to prepare and I loved it for the combination of flavours and textures. Presenting the Chicken Karaage with Pickled Onions, Cucumber and Carrot Slaw!

Ingredients (For 2 burritos)
2 store bought burrito wraps
2 small chicken fillets, cut into cubes
Half a Japanese cucumber, shredded
Half a carrot, shredded
Pickled onion (recipe here)
Garlic, grated
Sugar, 1/2 tsp
Soy sauce, 1 tbsp
Potato Flour
Peanut/Vegetable oil for frying

1. Add garlic, soy sauce and sugar in a bowl and whisk to combine. (You may also choose to add in grated ginger and sake. I did not follow the actual recipe on preparing chicken karaage.) Add chicken, then stir to coat evenly. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

2. In the meantime, prepare the mayo wasabi dip for the slaw. In another large bowl, add 2 tablespoons of mayo and just a 1/3 of a teaspoon of wasabi and mix well. Adjust the mayo wasabi sauce according to your preferences. The wasabi should not be overwhelming.

3. Then, combine shredded carrot and cucumber and mix well with the mayo wasabi sauce. Cover bowl and refrigerate after you are done.

4. Add an inch of oil in a pan and heat it up to 360 degrees F.

5. Meanwhile, coat chicken with potato starch.

6. Fry the chicken until medium brown. Transfer the fried chicken to a paper towel lined rack or plate.

7. Using a clean non-stick pan, heat up the burrito wraps.

8. Serve by placing spoonfuls of cucumber and carrot slaw on the burrito wrap. Then place 3 to 4 fried chicken cubes on the slaw, and top these with a few rings of pickled onions. 

9. Time to take a huge bite!

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