Sunday, May 31, 2015


Instagram | @gajeong_

Not sure if Gajeong is the name of the account holder, but I know that she owns the label Aydé. Through her Instagram, she would show how she has styled the pieces in the collection and I'm always in love. I love how easy and comfortable the clothes look and I love how she takes her photos in natural light. It's such a pity that Aydé does not have a physical store yet, I wanted to visit the person behind this account while I was in Seoul and also bring some of these beautiful pieces back home.

Clothes aside, Gajeong has also captured the beauty of Korea so well. Sometimes it's an unfiltered image of a cup of cappuccino, sometimes it's a picture of a random piece of furniture. I love her lifestyle and her perspective to things. She pointed out to me that she posts places to visit in Korea on her blog and when I visited the site, I think I spent hours browsing through her posts on cafés, fashion, art and culture. She's living the perfect lifestyle that I've been searching for.

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