Sunday, June 21, 2015


The kind people at Printl sent me some pictures that I had uploaded on Instagram. These are the few pictures taken in Seoul and I love them so much. Thank you so much again Printl!

Printl is really the easiest way to get your Instagram pictures printed out. Just subscribe to the service and the top 10 most popular Instagram pictures from your feed in that particular month will be printed out and delivered straight to your home. No extra delivery charges whatsoever.

Printl has kindly offered a discount code to all of you as well! Use the discount code PRINTL70 to enjoy a 70% off for your first month subscription. It's so much cheaper to print out your pictures this way and I like that the pictures look like Polaroids.

While it's definitely true that the smartphone has made photo taking so much more convenient, memories often go 'missing' when we have thousands of images saved in our camera roll. My family still appreciates printing out photos occasionally and keeping them in albums as a keepsake. These pictures that I've received are just so lovely and when I showed them to my mum, we had so much to share. It will make a great gift for someone else well. 

Do give it a go and print out your best pictures with Printl
p.s. Remember to use the discount code PRINTL70!

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