Sunday, June 14, 2015


Thought about it long and hard, and I've made the decision to start a new blog while still keeping this old one. Frankly speaking, I always felt like I've an alter ego in me. On the whole, yes I'm still Jasmine, I love to cook, love to splurge on magazines, I love art and fashion. However, close friends rarely see this other side of me, I don't talk art or fashion much to them because that's not how I befriended them in the first place. I don't know everything, I don't know if what I know is what it is, but part of me yearns, so much, to share it with someone out there, and so I have been sharing these interests virtually - online.

The past few posts on Seoul made me realise that I've a very strong alter ego and visually, they don't coincide. I've already noticed that when I post images on Instagram. Part of me wants to style the picture this way, but another part of me wants it to be the other way. Then I created two accounts and I actually like the way they coexist in separate spaces.

I guess I'm still figuring out which is the real me. Not just pictures but life in general. My internship at a user experience consultancy has been very insightful. It has been fulfilling, but am I telling myself that or do I really feel that way? I've come to terms that if this is my future job, I won't enjoy it. But I've also come to terms that I've gained all the necessary skills for this field and I seem to be doing well at it. Do I love it? Do I have to love it? Aren't all jobs tough and mundane? I don't know anymore. I've always told people confidently that I want to do UX, because it is impactful, because it changes the way we do things for the better. I am still very much in love with its mission, but it's so tiring and what I can do is so insignificant. Can I be a coward and just do something else? But what... I am a very realistic person and I don't go for crazy dreams, even if I have many. Haha, I think my mid-life crisis is already here.

But in any case, to help myself feel better, stylohotmilo will just be food, lifestyle, travel and Instagram related, and fashion and art will be moved to stylohotmylo. There will be differences in styles and due to my OCD nature, I would prefer to see them in separate spaces. Promise there will be more content! See you!

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