Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 5 of #seoulstylo.

Day 5 was spent at Itaewon, which is my favourite place in Seoul. Itaewon houses MMMG, D&Department, ÅLAND, A.P.C. and lots of cafés. I didn't get to visit the cafés but I will still be providing the addresses to some of them at the end of this post.

Itaewon is seriously a must-visit. Alight at Hangangin Subway Station to find Hannam-dong Yongsan-gu - the street lined with lifestyle and fashion stores. I alighted at Itaewon Station instead and took a while to find Millimetre Milligram (MMMG) but when I saw the building, I was literally dashing into the shop space. Haha. MMMG has a great tagline that brings across their concept very well - "everything is something to us". It's a well curated store that sells a little bit of everything, from notebooks, stationery, fashion accessories to kitchenware. You will also find a café there.

The same building also houses my favourite shop in the whole of Seoul - D&Department. D&Department is a vintage kitchenware heaven. Some of the stuff are brand new, but many of them are used pieces. They are all in great condition though, and I got myself a plate and some chopsticks (new) while I was there. If only I could get some of those bowls! I was worried that they might not last the way home so I didn't purchase any ceramic or glass tableware. Some beautiful vintage Seiko clocks were also available for sale. The prices are a little steep but they are worth every penny. I really didn't want to leave the place!

Post Poetics can be found on the third floor of the same building. Pity that it was closed when we were there. They seem to carry a great collection of art books.

Also along the street of Hannam-dong is a two-storey A.P.C. I couldn't afford anything there, yet, haha but I went in and feasted my eyes on every piece. Really love A.P.C's aesthetics and I think I will be their loyal customer in the near future!

We also spotted ÅLAND at Itaewon, but the outlet there is smaller. You can also find Åland in Myeongdong, Garosu-gil, Hongdae etc. I prefer ÅLAND to Style Nanda, as they carry more unique pieces from different labels. Prices are slightly above mid-range (think Zara, COS) but mid-range is still not my range so I didn't get anything from them, haha.

Day 5 was spent shopping and we visited Hongdae as well. Style Nanda has a huge outlet at Hongdae so if you're a fan, you have to visit their space there. I very much preferred the boutique stores that lined the streets of Hongdae. Managed to find two pairs of quality trousers at a discounted price at a store by the corner and I'm still very much in love with my purchases.

We also visited Ewha but it started raining heavily so I didn't manage to take a decent picture of our shopping spree there. I really thought that I would go home with a bag of new clothes after shopping in Seoul, but I think I went home with less than ten pieces. Seoul is a great place to find quality basics but I skipped the other pieces because there were either sheer, too oversized or just out of my budget. For affordable pieces, you might be able to find some at the basement of Myeongdong's subway station or at Ewha. But don't expect a crazy shopping spree like one in Bangkok. The Seoul shopping experience should be quality over quantity. Glad that I went ahead and invested in some blouses and trousers, I've zero buyer's remorse.

Ended the day with a mandatory Korean BBQ dinner! This one was near our accommodation at Yangjae, recommended by our Airbnb hosts. They serve crazy good pork and the side dishes were really good too. We didn't have trouble ordering food there because it seemed like the popular restaurants all hired some helpers from China. I really love eating at restaurants recommended by the locals as I enjoy observing tables around us. Those scenes in dramas where people down soju shot after shot, and have ten over empty bottles on the table are not exaggerating. That's really the lifestyle there haha. It's lively and vibrant but even when drinking, there are rules to follow depending on who you are having the meal with. Refilling glasses for the seniors, covering half the face while downing a shot, not refusing a drink from the seniors are just some of them. It's interesting! If you are interested to know, we had the BBQ at 잰부닥. The place is near Yangjae Station, Exit 4. Once you are out the exit, walk to the street right beside the Pho restaurant. Then walk downhill and the restaurant will be on your left.

*Subway Station | Venue

Hangangin | MMMG/D&Department 
Hannam-dong Yongsan-gu, 12nn-8pm 
Closed on last Monday of every month 

Hangangin | A.P.C.
736-14 Hannam-dong Yongsan-gu

Hangangin | ÅLAND
736-10 Hannam-dong Yongsan-gu, 12nn-10pm

Hangangin | A&ND (café)
684-53 Hannam-dong Yongsan-gu

Hangangin/Itaewon | Honeyst (café)
325-6 Itaewon 2-dong, Yongsan-gu

Hangangin | Peer Coffee Roaster
684-32 Hannam-dong Yongsan-gu

Hongdae | Hongdae Shopping District
Exit 5

Hongdae | Style Nanda
Wausan-ro 29 da-gil, Mapo-gu

Hongdae | Your Mind Bookshop
5F, 326-29 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu
Highly recommended by my friend Pimpiga but I didn't manage to find it. :(

Hongdae | Tailor Coffee
329-15/338-1 (2nd floor) Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu
Open Mon-Sun 12pm-11pm
Once you spot this cafe, turn right and Style Nanda should along one of those few streets.

Sangsu | Fell + Cole
Exit 1, 310-11 Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu
Come out the exit stairs and turn around and begin walking towards Hongik Univ. Turn left into the very first small alleyway, maybe one building after the exit. Follow the exit as it goes curves and goes downhill. As the alleyway meets a T-section, Fell + Cole will be on your left. It's a 3-minute walk from the station. 

Ewha | Ewha Shopping District
Exit 2

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