Thursday, September 17, 2015

MUJI x Narita.

Chanced upon this new MUJI project, MUJI Furniture for Narita Airport Terminal 3. I really love those blue sofa benches! The airport terminal is really simple and I like how the MUJI furniture sits very well in that interior. They aren't striking but they look really comfortable. And comfort is what I think an airport needs! Those natural oak furniture in the airport's food court are beauties. I love the colour of the oak, and the arrangement makes the space so communal. You can view more pictures and a video here!

I randomly googled MUJI and came across this short article on how MUJI created a cult of followers (I'm one of them!) and I think it's pretty succinct and well-written. Read it here. It's really the philosophy that make me fall head over heels for MUJI. It's the no-brand aesthetic and how it uses its economies of scale to allow MUJI customers to experience affordable quality living that really bought me over. The marketing is in the brand's philosophy itself. They aren't trying to make you buy everything from them, and instead designed their products in such a way that fits into everything you already own. I love MUJI so so much, haha.

Also, if you don't already know, Café MUJI at Paragon has opened its doors! I've yet to visit but I will do so in the coming week. So happy and excited, yay! Oh and if you happen to be in town, do also give Noise Singapore's exhibition a visit! They've set up at B4 ION Station, the space outside ION MUJI. Love it when there's so much waiting for me to eat and see! <3

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