Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Apartamento: Florence Welch.

Shared this video plus another one from the same series over at the other space But while looking at the real homes of real people (i.e. not intentionally changed in a way for the public's view) I had some nice thoughts to share.

I think homes really tell a lot about a person or a family. I'm looking at my home and I'm like... It's not bad. Not bad at all. It may not be well-furnished or whatever, but it is what it is after we've lived here for 22 years. Every object says something about either a member of the family or us, collectively. Over the years, things have been moved around, added or even removed as we figure out our preferences and lifestyles.

My bed and my books form a mini sanctuary. My study table is strictly for studying only. I watch my sitcoms, blog, go to Facebook with my laptop placed on the coffee table in the living room. I think I demarcate my spaces according to their purpose, and I adhere to that so my mentality and mood changes every time I'm at a different spot. I only figured this out maybe at the start of this year, when I realised I can no longer study productively while seated anywhere near this coffee table. Haha. It's cool to learn that about myself.

And now that I'm 22, I think I've figured out what should stay and what should go. I've been in the kitchen for quite a bit over the past two years and tableware is something I would really love to collect. I've started with a few vintage pieces found at flea markets and some mass produced but still pretty ones from MUJI and 杂货店 (shops at heartlands that sell almost everything and anything). Magazines and art books are another big thing that I love collecting. I don't have money for crazy expensive ones but I really love the few ones that I've bought and been gifted with. And then the corner in my room where I place my silver accessories, cheap perfume and Rothko postcards... Okay I think I really love my bedroom haha, I can just go on and on. But that's good right? Haha.

But there are also things that I initially hated, and simply made do with. I don't have an air-con in my room. There's just an ugly fan that's deep green in colour. But funnily, I've grown to like that colour. My wardrobe (not the clothes but the actual closet) is a hand-me-down. It was actually a wedding gift for my mum I think, and it has this ugly '喜' sticker pasted on it. It's bad. But we painted a coat of white paint over it and I can actually live with it.

I did a presentation in school earlier today about the traditional kopitiams (coffee shops) in Singapore and the lament is that globalisation (Starbucks, Coffee Bean etc.) has brought along with it a form of standardisation. Things are starting to look similar because of mass production and also due in part to trends and fads. That's why when I look at my home, I still like that it's a completely unique space. I'm comforted by the fact that our home is so customised, it brings out some sort of a character that defines us. And when I look at my friends' collectibles and their own spaces (Xinying, Shermaine I'm talking about you all..), I really adore how much these things tell so much about them. I'm glad that I know people who remind me about the joy of sourcing for things that I really like, and not things that the mass culture tells me that I should like. I think Florence Welch over here has also reminded me on this. The way she shares the stories of the items in her home, her routine, her favourite spaces with a glee on her face tells me how much she loves them.

So, don't get lost in this crazy world. Don't be led on. Find yourself and enjoy the process. <3

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