Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Camille Rowe's French Style Secrets.

I love anything that gives me a sneak peek of someone's home, wardrobe blah blah because that's the way you really learn about someone and through the process, learn about yourself.

I've no idea who Camille Rowe is but I love this British Vogue series very much and I'm so glad I clicked on this video and watched it. She's so real, so bubbly and I love how she just snorts like no one's watching. Haha!

Her vintage finds are so brilliant. Although you will never see me in boots with star motifs or huge furry coats, I love her wardrobe because it all comes together so perfectly. It's unplanned, it's unintentional but look how that massive hat, weaved bag and dress she got in Cuba come together so well.

I think her style secret: Let loose and have fun!

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