Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Uniqlo and Lemaire Spring 2016.

s. uniqlo

The lookbook is out! 

This collection will be the second, and final, collaboration between Uniqlo and designer Christophe Lemaire. (Sniff) It's simple this time, almost a little too simple haha, but I still love some of the dresses and outerwear. The men's collection is more attractive in my opinion! There's even a pair of shoes included in the men's items. I've never seen Uniqlo selling shoes before. It's a simple canvas slip-on though, nothing amazing, and amusingly they tagged it at S$9999.00 on the site. I believe it's a typo and I'm guessing it's retailing at S$99.90?

Anyhow, I still wish that I can at least go see the collection this time. I missed the last and I heard that everything got sold out in an instant. I've always loved Christophe Lemaire's designs but I never knew he was so popular.

This collection will be out on March 4, Friday, and it will be available only at Uniqlo ION and online. (Some sites stated that other outlets will also be carrying the collection but apparently not!)

View the collection here.

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