Saturday, March 26, 2016


So... I've lots of work to do but I really have the itch to blog, perhaps because I've been watching sooooo many vlogs these days.

My sister is the one who introduced me to the world of vlogs. I think her favourites are @imjennim, @zoella etc. I didn't really understand what's the hype about (seriously 10 million subscribers!?) but after I searched 'MUJI haul', 'COS haul''... I saw the light. I know my likes and dislikes very well so I found great channels with the right keywords quickly. Now, I've discovered 4 YouTubers that I really really love. The 4th one is a fresh discovery I stumbled on today haha. I like their tastes and I love how they introduce me to new products, brands, places, styles...

Okay, so here are my four favourites!

1. Lizzy Hadfield

My vlog addiction started from this exact video. I found Lizzy's channel after searching for 'COS haul' and true to her COS purchases, her style is minimal, effortless yet so well put together. Then she started introducing her homeware haul, shoes collection, her apartment, her travels and I'm just so in love. Lizzy describes herself as a 'Northern fashion blogger/cat lady with expensive taste'. That is a perfect description haha, her purchases are nowhere near affordable (at least for me). But she's not like those YouTubers who are just out to show off their Hermès collection (tsk tsk). She works hard and treats herself with an occasional Loewe bag, marked down Céline shoes, a soft cashmere scarf from COS and other essential staples. I love her style so much that I've bookmarked her fashion blog (here). Her mother has an excellent sense of style as well! I'm a huge fan and I got so excited when she replied and FOLLOWED ME on Instagram. Oh my god.

2. Tamira Jarrel

Tamira is a fan of MUJI. Any fan of MUJI is a friend of mine haha! She has an enviable collection of makeup, perfumes, candles and skincare products and she organised them neatly in acrylic storage drawers from MUJI. This is the first video I watched from her channel and honestly speaking it was because of MUJI's 'cameo'. Tamira has introduced me to the world of makeup and the brand Glossier, which is not yet available in Singapore. If it is I think I will love their products because the brand seems to offer a great makeup kit for beginners like me. (P.s. Glossier's YouTube channel also features a few Get Ready With Me videos that have this very strong Apartamento vibe that I love!)

Tamira is always well-dressed in her videos and there would often be a burning Diptyque candle and a pretty vase of flowers in the background. If you are a fan of Diptyque, And Other Stories, Byredo, Aesop... you will love her stuff. I really know absolutely nothing about makeup but after watching one video, I knew she's the right person I can learn from because we share similar preferences and style. I even tried applying eyeliner at home yesterday after watching a Get Ready With Me video that she had uploaded, haha!

3. Rachel Nguyen from That's Chic

I've actually followed Rachel's blog a few years back but she stopped blogging so frequently so I stopped following. Then one fine day, YouTube suggested her channel probably because I was spam watching room tours and she had just uploaded her apartment tour. Again, the Apartamento vibe was so striking and it was a love at first sight. Rachel is much more casual when it comes to filming her videos, i.e. no fancy setup, no full face makeup, messy home... and I think that's what I love about them. It's real, it's raw, it's so her. I love her apartment so much and we also share the same love for avocados haha. She also shared a farmers' market haul and I thought it was so cute! If I were to vlog, my videos would turn out like hers, pimple showing and all!

4. The Fashion Citizen

The Fashion Citizen is a new find and I've only watched one video from this channel but I'm already sold. It's a channel run by a pair of sisters I believe, they look alike to me and their bickering moments reminded me of my dear sister and I. They describe themselves as 'two frugal fashionistas living the dream in sunny Arizona'. They manage to look so good and wear something different everyday because they thrift so often. Most thrift hauls just make me feel like rolling my eyes. Sometimes thrifting seems like an attempt to be a part of the subculture, instead of really appreciating and being more open to the treasures you find when you thrift! But these girls do understand what thrifting is and I enjoy watching them enjoying thrifting haha.

And, finally, someone else also visits the public library to borrow books! I love visiting public/school libraries to browse and borrow art books as well as novels. Purchasing every book that interests me is impossible. In this particular weekly vlog, they seem to be avid readers and unofficial members of the public libraries as well. Yay! Also, I totally get Melissa when she mentioned how she sometimes have the urge to go running when she finds good music. Although her good music refers to Kanye West's new album (which I'm not even going to figure out if I like his music or not), I agree with her when it comes to running to great tracks. I did a 45 minute run plus brisk walking today while listening to Flume and Mac DeMarco and it was sooo good!

Alright, that's four channels for you (and for me) to enjoy. Love them for the aesthetics they share and for the lifestyles they lead. I'm going to stop watching Korean dramas for a while (nope, not even going to be swayed by Descendants of the Sun) and will just wait for new videos from them. So happy that there's so much to look forward to!

My Alter Ego Has Left.

Henri Matisse 
Blue Nude II 
Spring 1952

As the title of this post suggests, my alter ego has departed. Haha! As in, I find no point of continuing both STYLOHOTMILO and /stylohotmilo blogs because to me they serve the same purpose and the same owner. If you don't understand, it's okay. I'm weird.

I will be moving some content that are decently sized (i.e. > 800px in width!) over to this space slowly. I love the stuff I've shared in that blog so I can't bear to just dump them. The changes to this blog would be... more art and fashion content!

I'm kind of happy about this actually. Finally figured myself out after nine months.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Shades of Earth.

Suddenly in love with neutral, earthy shades.
Mud, soil, red clay, gold, pearl, soft yellows...