Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Decided to make the move to stylohotmilo.tumblr.com

It's the interface at Blogger that irks me. Frankly, Tumblr's not much better when it comes to posting images in the text post.
I just spent half an hour figuring out how to post high res image in a text post. Wordpress.com is the best option when it comes to posting images but the free themes are not to my liking. Well Wordpress.org is best best when it comes to customisation and themes but I don't want to commit by purchasing a domain haha. So Tumblr for now it shall be!

There's going to be a huge change in aesthetics at the new space as well. I really need an outlet to share the things that have caught my eye. Refreshing the Take Five series as well, and there will be more focus on fashion, music and art rather than cafes and typical blogger stuff haha.